Dartmouth Professor Uncensored…

As just about any college student knows by now, posting embarrassing things on Facebook or MySpace can have serious repercussions: taunts and ridicule, lost job opportunities, and even legal action.

However, this lesson has sadly been lost on Religion Professor Reiko Ohnuma. Her Facebook profile is littered with quotes, revealing deep insight into her teaching style:

* “Reiko doesn’t know how to explain what ‘modernity’ is & isn’t entirely clear herself.”
* “(to a facebook friend) ‘I’m now going to shamelessly plagiarize your language.'”
* “Where is Wikipedia when you really need it? The Wikipedia article on modernity SUCKS.”
* “Yeah, I saw that page already. Thank fucking God for the Internet.”

The next day:
* “Reiko faked it with aplomb.”
* “
yeah, but i feel like such a fraud…do you think dartmouth parents would be upset about paying $40,000 a year for their children to go here if they knew that certain professors were looking up stuff on Wikipedia and asking for advice from their Facebook friends on the night before the lecture?”

That’s a very good question, Reiko. What do you say, Dartmouth Parents, Students, Alumni, and others?