Dartmouth Parity

The website for the AoA petition candidates is now up and running. It can be found here, at dartmouthparity.com. A short excerpt from their statement:

Looking back to the second half of the 19th century, however, no one would have predicted this. The College was very small, and getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Many of the other private colleges that date from this era – e.g., Bowdoin (1794); Union (1795); Hamilton (1812); Colgate (1819); Trinity (1823) – were equal or superior to Dartmouth. These are all very fine schools, but the simple fact is that today Dartmouth has surpassed them all – Dartmouth is on another level.

So how do we explain this reach for greatness by Dartmouth? We believe that there have been two basic reasons, and they both date from the same moment in history. One is outstanding leadership; the other is an unusual, intense level of alumni support and participation in the life and future of the College.