Dartmouth Alum Charged for Running Dastardly Scheme

Unfortunate news out on the left coast. Robert Tunnell Jr., a longtime attorney in the San Francisco area and a graduate of both the College and Harvard Law School, was indicted Thursday with a whole battery of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering charges. After resigning from the California bar in 2001 following allegations that he had embezzled $300,000 from his law firm, prosecutors allege that Tunnell passed himself off to others as a successful investor and operated a lucrative Ponzi scheme, taking in $10 million total and losing his investors as much as $7 million. That Tunnell was apparently willing to follow one brand of massive theft with another is unfortunate commentary that for some dishonesty is simply a way of life. Perhaps if Tunnell can survive this brush with the law he’ll consider running for Congress; he’d doubtless be quite good at it!

–Blake S. Neff