Dartmouth Alum Arrested for Disturbance at Parkhurst


The scene outside Parkhurst

Earlier this afternoon, David Vincelette ’84 was arrested by Hanover police for causing a disturbance in the office of President Hanlon, according to a series of tweets from The Daily Dartmouth, which included quotes from Hanover Police Chief Frank Moran and one from Mr. Vincelette himself. At the time, it is not known the exact nature of Mr. Vincelette’s disturbance, although The Daily Dartmouth quoted him as saying that “Dartmouth is the Polluter.” Moran was paraphrased as saying that Vincelette has a history of such disturbances.

After a quick internet search of Mr. Vincelette, several documents were found, including a 2005 Letter of deficiency from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services asking Mr. Vincelette to rectify a sewage leak on his property that was letting untreated sewage flow into Mink Brook.

This incident appeared to be referenced again in the record of a Hanover town meeting from May 2013, in which Mr. Vincelette spoke about his property during a debate on another topic, and indicated that the town was involved in litigation against him for the still allegedly unresolved pollution. The moderator eventually asked Mr. Vincelette to wait and speak at the end of the meeting. Later in the meeting, Vincelette spoke again in objection to new park on the grounds that it was downstream from where the Town, the College, and others stored asphalt, which he alleged was polluting the stream and was being covered up by the town, which the town denied. Several more times throughout the meeting Mr. Vincelette spoke about the pollution in Mink Brook.

At this time, it is not known whether or not this is pollution Mr. Vincelette was referencing as he was escorted out of Parkhurst. Details will be added as they emerge.

The Hanover Police Department’s press release regarding this incident can be found here.

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    The Review still has not contacted me for comment. Stellar reportage. Three years and counting. Tick tick tick.