Dartlog.net updates

Two new things on the site:

Newswire: The latest Dartmouth news from all over the place, updated every half hour. This is a test version, but it should work. Once the bugs are ironed out, I may put the headlines in as a third column on the main Dartlog page.

– Search: Finally, you can search past Dartlog postings using the search box over in the lefthand column…except it doesn’t work every time because Google hasn’t rolled out its October update on all of their servers (Dartlog archives were regenerated this past month to make them Google-friendly…like you care). There is a “plan b” search solution, but it doesn’t work as well as Google.

Also, you can now sign up to receive Dartmouth Review headlines and article summaries in your email inbox every time a new issue is put online (once a week? once a month? It’s up to Larry). Just click here.