College responds to Venkatesan debacle

The Review has obtained the following email from Dean Zimmerman to the students involved. If anyone attended this meeting, please leave a comment with the content of the proceedings.

Dear Students,

It has come to my attention that many of you have been receiving emails from Prof. Priya Venkatesan as a former student in one of her Writ 5 courses. I understand that these emails have been rather distressing for you.

So that you can be informed of how the College is proceeding in response to these and to understand your own concerns, I and Tom Cormen, Director of the Writing Program, will meet with you today, Sunday, April 27 at 12:30 p.m. in Parkhurst Hall, Room 9B (located in the basement of Parkhurst). Robert Donin from legal counsel will also be joining us.

If you are unable to make this meeting, I am happy to meet with you at a later time.

Dean Zimmerman
Gail M. Zimmerman, Ed. D.
Dean of First-Year Students
Dartmouth College