College Announces Compliance and Ethics Hotline

The hotline can be reached at.

The hotline can be reached at 888-497-0516

The Administration announced the creation of the Dartmouth Compliance and Ethics Hotline in this morning’s Vox Daily blitz to campus. The Hotline is a telephone and website-based “confidential reporting tool” through which Dartmouth students can anonymously report incidents of “abuse, fraud, and other misconduct or noncompliance” as it relates to the College’s Honor Code.

The decision to create the Hotline likely stems from the recent “Clickergate” cheating scandal that occurred last fall. The incident, which made national media headlines, involved the abuse of clickers to feign attendance in last fall’s Religion 65: Sports, Ethics and Religion class. Over 50 students were ultimately convicted and subjected to disciplinary action by the College for their involvement in the incident.

Those wishing to make use of the newly created Hotline may call a toll-free number, 888-497-0516, or visit