Classic, classic e-mail

Speaks for itself, though more poignant, if poignant is the word I’m looking for, read in light of the Dartlog post entitled “92%” (below).

From: Governance Response, Governance.Response@Dartmouth.EDU
DATE: 09/05/07 5:20 PM

RE: Governance Committee Message

The Governance Committee appreciates your taking the time to write to us about Dartmouth governance. Please feel confident that we heard your views, as well as those of other alumni, and we took them into account as we made our recommendations to the Board. We are working hard to determine what governance structure will best allow Dartmouth to maintain our proud tradition of excellence and our unique position in higher education.

We have heard from many alumni who care deeply about Dartmouth. There are strongly held views on all sides of this issue. We believe a shared love for and dedication to Dartmouth drive these passionate views. Indeed we approach this task with a deep commitment and love for Dartmouth ourselves. Although not everyone will agree with all of the actions the Board will eventually take, regardless of what they are, our hope is that Dartmouth alumni will continue to feel the special bonds that make our College unique.


Christine, Michael, John, Ed, and Jim

Dartmouth College Board of Trustees Governance Committee

Christine Bucklin ’84, Chair
Michael Chu ’68
John Donahoe ’82
Ed Haldeman ’70
Jim Wright ’64A