Campus Klepto(s?) Capturing Computers

The following Blitz was just sent out to campus.


DATE:  June 3, 2011
Dartmouth College Department of Safety and Security

During this past week there have been numerous thefts of unattended laptops and valuables at Baker Berry Library, Collis,  53 Commons and from other public areas on campus. Hanover Police and Safety and Security are investigating these incidents.

Please do not leave your laptop or other valuables unattended for any period of time and report any suspicious activity to Safety and Security at 646-4000.

All you folks in the 1902 room and stacks will want to be extra careful (an e-mail from a friend I have suggests at least fifteen laptops have been stolen thus far), but one hopes the thief slips and and steals a MacBook with certain security features…

Sterling C. Beard