Calling All Recyclemaniacs!

I hope all of you are ready for Recyclemania, otherwise we might have to suffer the idignity of congratulating the University of Oregon (the current leader in the standings) on their ecofacism.

But the real question: who the hell would want the “coveted” Recyclemania trophy?

Date: 16 Feb 2005 15:30:59 EST
From: Environmental Conservation Organization
Reply-To: ECO
Subject: Recyclemania 2005 has begun!


–What is it? A recycling/waste reduction competition between 49 U.S. campuses.

The winner will be the college that collects the most recyclables per studentor the college with the highest campus-wide recycling rate (weight of all recyclables divided by trash and recyclables). Check out their website:

–How do we win?
We were extremely close last year – 2nd place! Make Dartmouth the winning campus this yearby making sure recyclables get recycled -and- by reducing the amount of waste you produce.Take advantage of your recycling bins, your floor’s waste warriors, and your basement’s recycling room.

–What happens if we lose?
The losing campuses must post a half-page ad in their campus newspapers congratulating thewinning campus. Harvard, Yale and Brown are currently ahead of us.Check out where Dartmouth stands:

–What happens if we win?
Dartmouth will recieve the coveted 2005 Recyclemania trophy, all of the losing participants willbe congratulating us in their campus newspapers, and things will be right with the world once again.

–When does it start?
RecycleMania starts on January 30, 2005 and runs through April 9, 2005 (10 weeks).Monitor our progress at


We can win this together – recycle, compost, and reduce waste.

Want to know more? Here’s a recent D article:
Here’s a recent Yale news article:
Here are Dartmouth’s current totals:

Have ideas to help Dartmouth improve it’s recycling system? Blitz ECO.