>Date: 25 Sep 2003 19:27:29 EDT

>From: David A. Gardner

>Subject: BuzzFlood

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

I’m writing to you about a fascinating new student group that was formed this past sophomore summer. The “BuzzFlood” is dedicated to celebrating Dartmouth’s excellence. Our goal is to tell Dartmouth’s story and celebrate excellence at Dartmouth. Our College is, we believe, New England’s and one of the nation’s best kept secrets. By celebrating the Dartmouth tradition, we can enhance the Dartmouth experience for generations to come.

Over the summer, the “BuzzFlood” quickly grew to what is now one of the largest student groups at well over 200 members. For too long Dartmouth has been underappreciated and silent about its accomplishments. Our goal is to simply point out what’s so special about Dartmouth College. “BuzzFlood” is sending out a periodic “BuzzLine” blitz that celebrates Dartmouth individuals in the news. For example, did you know the first female Native American in the Marine Corps was a Dartmouth Grad (Class of 2003)? Or did you know that Professor David Kang recently wrote an op-ed about the North Korean crisis in the New York Times? If you would like to join the 200+ members already receiving the “BuzzLine” blitz, simply reply to this message indicating your class and you will become a member!

For the many of you who are already members, please keep sending your stories of Dartmouth’s excellence. You will also be receiving information about the launch of our new website ( that will further our goal.

On behalf of BuzzFlood,

David Gardner ’05