Bill Ayers is Against Charter Schools

Bill Ayers took a trip to New Jersey’s Montclair State University and I imagine he was not expecting to have his agenda thwarted by a young black activist.  Vanessa Jean-Louis asked Ayers to explain how the public education system is superior to charter programs and the freedom of choice, but his attempt was without success.

Ayers somehow believes that charter schools are not doing better than public schools, and his solution to American education ailments are to “Spend more money on public schools”.  The crowd overwhelmingly shouts “No”, and given the large number of Dartmouth students who did have freedom in choosing which private school to attend, I would hope they concur.  

Seeing this young and passionate activist taking on the likes of Bill Ayers is inspiring, and hopefully he would face the same level of respectful criticism if he decides to speak in Hanover.

Jean-Louis describes herself as an “Afroconservative” and her thoughts can be found on her blog.

Her questions and concerns are not going unnoticed.  The house just passed the SOAR Act which is allowing school choice for parents and children in DC.  

On average, DC’s education system currently costs $28,170 per student, while these vouchers reduce costs to $6,620 per student.

Hopefully, there is plenty more where that came from.

Josh Riddle