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In the ORC under African and African American Studies:

85. Race Matters in the University.

04W: 2A

The course will cover the ways whiteness and privilege shape scholarship, curriculum, and selection of faculty within higher education. The course will use the videotapes of speeches, given by panelists at the Second Dartmouth Conference on Race Matters at the University of the 2lst century October 4 and 5, 2002, as the primary background materials. Students will be assigned other readings from this group of authors: Cornel West, Hortense Spillers, Eric Lott, Carol Boyce Davies, Evelyn Hu Duhart, Paul Lauter, Donelda Cook, Joseph Francisco, and Dana Nelson. Dist: SOC; WCult: NA. Langford.

An Anthro experimental:

In 04F, Political and Religious Martyrdom.We are witness today to a new conflation of religion and politics. This may take the form of political religion, the so-called fundamentalist movements which make their appearance in all major religions, or it may take the form of religious politics, which bases its claims on mythological land claims. Theoretically, the martyr is the very allegory of the intersection of religion and politics. The question of and fascination with martyrdom confronts us with the common ground of religion and politics. (CULT) Schiffauer.