“Awareness Week” —If Only We Were Aware of the Problem

Many of us here at Dartlog were ambivalent about “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” skeptical that it would really accomplish anything other than coopting that great monolith of PC culture—the “awareness week.” Here at Dartmouth Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, was the main event for the week. I attended his speech in hopes of seeing some controversy. Needless to say, probably more than 90% of those in attendance were devout followers of both Mr. Spencer and David Horowitz. The event was, quite plainly, boring; only one question in the period after the speech was the least bit confrontational.

Well, those too afraid to confront Spencer head on (or perhaps they were just ticked off at conservatives for pilfering their terminology) have finally come up with a solution: Their very own awareness week!

>Date: 26 Oct 2007 16:03:51 -0400
>From: Kurt D. Nelson
>Subject: Al-Nur and IFAW


As interested folks, many of whom have pledged support for Dartmouth’s Muslim community, I wanted to update you on the goings on. Instead of responding directly to Robert Spencer’s presence on campus or the violent and hateful posters associated with Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week, al-Nur with the help of the Multi-Faith Council and Hillel is planning a collection of events for the near future. We have a bare-bones sense of them at this point, but under the title “Islamo-Fashion Awareness Week” al-Nur, the Multi-Faith Council and Hillel (and any other groups interested in co-sponsorship) will host the following:

Friday November 2, Sundown in the Muslim Prayer Room, N Fairbanks all are welcome to come to Maghrib prayer with an introduction and question and answer hosted by al-Nur

Monday November 5, time and location TBD a showing of the Oscar Winning WEST BANK STORY with discussion. A musical comedy about competing Hummus restaurants in the West Bank. A must see. (MFC folks, this will take the place of our regular meeting)

Wednesday November 7th 6:00 PM Collis Commonground hear students Muslim students about the Muslim faith and what unites this unique and diverse group, eat dinner and discuss.

More information will follow, I just wanted you to have a sense. Groups interested in assisting with planning or sponsorship are most welcome.

Best wishes,

Kurt Nelson
Multi-Faith Program Advisor
The Tucker Foundation, Dartmouth College
(603) 646 9919