ASD Using College’s Website for Campaign

Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth has been using the College’s new inCircle online networking service, which is hosted on Dartmouth’s website, to promote its campaign against the alumni Trustee petition candidates. InCircle allows users to send messages to alumni and students within a broad social network that could include hundreds or even thousands of people.

Geoff Berlin ’84, the apparent mastermind of the group, posted this message to inCircle yesterday in order to boost the ASD agenda:

From: Geoff Berlin ’84
To: Friends of friends of friends
Date: Mar 23, 2005
Category: General
Location: Kiev 01001, Ukraine

Has anyone been following the issues on the trustee elections?

Check out and sign up if you agree!

You can see a rebuttal on the issues raised by the petition candidates at


Geoff Berlin ’84

The Alumni Association recently determined that it violates campaign rules to use Alumni Office resources to speak for or against a candidate. It is unclear if this electioneering would violate that ruling, since the Alumni Office runs and maintains inCircle.