Andrew Grossman Explains It All

Welcome to the new and improved (?) Dartlog. Over the past two weeks, we have revamped the layout, added a few new features, and made myriad improvements all around. Plus, it looks so now, doesn’t it?

One change demands a bit of explanation. When we founded Dartlog way back in March, the intention was to provide the latest Dartmouth news on a site that could be easily updated and effortlessly consumed. More or less, we’ve managed to do that; at least, our growing readership presumably thinks so.

But there’s so much to discuss taking place outside of Hanover (students: really!), and Dartlog wasn’t really the best forum in which to do that. That’s why we’re launching “The Inner Office,” where The Dartmouth Review staff and Review alumni and alumnae (hi, Alexis) will cover and comment on the events of the day. Visit the Inner Office by clicking here or by clicking on the image or one of the headlines in the right-hand column. If you have a standards-compliant browser, you can mouse-over (that is, position the mouse over) any of the headlines and a summary will appear.

We hope that you enjoy our new site and new look. As always, email complaints to