And now, Georgetown

A Lebanese newspaper reports this (via Sullivan):

The �international Zionist movement� is leading the United States to wage war against the Arab world with the intentions of colonizing the region, according to a professor speaking here during a lecture Tuesday.

Hisham Sharabi, a professor of Arab Culture at Georgetown University in Washington DC, told an audience of students and faculty at Balamand University, that the region is currently under �a neocolonial attack� but insisted that the Arabs would not be vanquished.

�However, in the long run, neither the Jews nor Americans will be able to subdue us for

we are not (Native Americans),� he said, adding that almost 280 million Arabs form a �massive force.�

Sharabi, who was peppered with questions from the audience, insisted the greatest danger faced by Arabs is their attitude toward their own problems.

Here’s a telling biography of Sharabi that leads me to believe he probably wasn’t misquoted.

For what it’s worth, Sharabi has gone emeritus, but the Georgetown history department has been active of late commemorating his tenure.