Ah, to be a ‘s�f-“mOr

There was no outcry when a discussion came to a consensus against the concept of intergroup dating, but we thought there should have been, so Alison Jeffe wrote (and you published) an article on the topic, hoping to stir an outcry. You and Stein may not be so different.

Stein�s remarks were based on the information he had, and he repeatedly stated that you have the right to say what you did. As such, his comments were not �in disregard of [your] rights� or �preconceived.� Perhaps he should have gotten more information about you before launching a personal attack, but, based on the information in front of him, his comments were also not �irrational� or �without just grounds.� Hence, I�m not sure that the definition of prejudice that you linked to really applies here.

In regards to your claim that Stein was nowhere to be seen when TDR published the intergroup dating article, you�re right, I don�t recall seeing or hearing anything from him. But so what? You and Alison were right that it�s a bunch of BS that the multicultural groups would apparently be opposed to intergroup dating. Stein, on the other hand, has chosen to fight this battle, and he�s right in that you should �rectify this mistake and demonstrate to us all that this was an error in judgment� (although I grant you that that�s a pretty vague request).

Incidentally, if you and I are posting at 5:00 and 5:30 in the morning, we really need to get lives.