AD—Less than Hard

The Telegraph ran a piece today on the number of recent incidents involving American fraternities. As a counterweight, the author looks back to the good old days when hazing only included carrying a lunch box and being servile.

An American friend who, 10 years ago, was a member of the Dartmouth College frat that inspired the comedy film Animal House, says that all he had to do was carry around a child’s lunchbox and be servile towards senior members.

The first frats were around before American independence and their continued affection for pointlessly unpleasant initiation ceremonies must owe something to Oxbridge and British public schools.

Except that it has got out of control – as if someone sat down to watch a repeat of Brideshead Revisited and didn’t realise he’d switched over halfway through to a documentary about the SAS recruitment process.

The whole article, here.