A contest

“To give way to rhetorical temptation, the metaphorical avaiary of security studies, which already includes hawks, doves, chicken hawks, owls, and putative ostriches, should be expanded to include eagles. They are powerful, keen sighted, high-flying, remotely perched, and thus eminently well-protected birds. Symbolizing strength and freedom, the bald-headed eagle also happens to be America’s national bird. Although the eagle became an endangered species, it is we ourselves who killed and allowed them to be destroyed, having only lately come to appreciate their distinctive value. They are now on their way to insured survival, possibly a good deal more.”

-Eric Nordlinger, Isolationism Reconfigured, assigned reading for Govt 54.

Which brings up an interesting idea: Blitz me with the most ridiculous sentence or paragraph from an assigned reading, along with the class it’s from. I’ll think up prizes later.