Elsewhere: BusinessWeek: The Education of Jeff Immelt, Dartmouth ’78.

The NY Times profiles John Short ’71, chief executive of the Leslie Fay company.

Jonathan Lu ’02 complains to The Globe and Mail that Americans joke at the loss of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

AP: Symposium at Dartmouth to discuss bone cancer.

The progessive rag American Prospect reviews David Brock’s Blinded by the Right. Best line: Conservative foundations “set out to build an infrastructure on the right–from scabrous college journals like The Dartmouth Review to cushy think tanks, journals of opinion, issue lobbies, and grass-roots operations.”

Followup: “Carnivore snooping system muzzled” by Dartmouth graduate researchers.

Globe: Police honor trooper who found Tulloch’s car.

If you didn’t know: The Dartmouth Murders is out, having been written before the two killers both pled guilty.