24 Charges Dropped

In the wake of Andrew Lohse’s now-infamous op-ed, the College charged 27 members of SAE with hazing violations, seemingly anyone and everyone who had the misfortune of sharing a house with Lohse. The Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office has since dropped 24 of those charges, in the face of material evidence that proved specific allegations by Lohse to be completely false.

While this leaves three undisclosed brothers in the crosshairs, as well as the house itself, it ends a trying saga for many who had been caught simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the face of extreme hazing, it is perhaps a moral obligation to step up and set the course straight. But those who do not, for fear of reprisal or embarrassment or whatever, should not be punished for their inaction, as almost occurred here. 

Without a doubt, those who conduct extreme hazing or sanctify it, not just passively but actively, should be held accountable now and in the future. But hopefully, the College will stick with that policy instead of vilifying anyone who happens to be affiliated with a particular house. Even if a charge is dropped against someone, the pain of being a target will linger long into the future. 

Thomas L. Hauch