Monday Happenings: “Everything at Dartmouth after 11 A.M.” (or so)

“Richard Gephardt” 4 P.M. Location Unannounced–The House minority leader speaks. Hey, Dems: great job publicising this thing…

“Rabbis, Romans, and Jesus in the Galillee: Recent Discoveries at Sepphoris” 4 P.M., 1 Rockefeller–Eric Meyers, Professor of Religion at Duke University, speaks.

“Religion and Ethnicity in Africa’s Wars” 4 P.M., 2 Rockefeller–Steven Ellis of Leiden University speaks.

“I Am an American. I am a Muslim” 5 P.M., 105 Dartmouth–Part of “Islamic Awareness Week.” Student panel discussion.

“Monday Night Dinner” 6:30 P.M., Amarna–Dine with prof. Christopher Sneddon, assistant professor of geography and environmental studies.

“Room Draw I” 6:30 P.M., Leede Arena–Priority Numbers 801-1000.

“Let’s Talk About Sex Series” 7 P.M., Tindle Lounge–“Come find out more about Sex Toys from ‘sexpert’ Megara Bell of Grand Opening Sex Shop in Boston.” No live demonstrations, hopefully.

“Scout’s Honor” 7 P.M., Filene Auditorium (Moore)–“The award-winning documentary about

anti-gay discrimination in the Boy Scouts,” introduced by Dave Rice, “the former California

scoutmaster whose story is depicted in the film.”

“Paul Galbraith” 7 P.M., Rollins–“Works by Bach and Debussy are on the program for the internationally acclaimed guitarist, known for interpreting the classics on his eight-string guitar.” Discussion to follow ($5 Dartmouth students, $22 gen. admission).

“Multifaith Panel Discussion” 7 P.M., 28 Silsby–“Six Dartmouth students from various faith backgrounds will be answering questions and talking about their faiths and spiritual perspectives.”

“Room Draw II” 8:30 P.M., Leede Arena–Priority Numbers 1001-1500.