2 stories of interest in the Valley News

1) Coverage of the mascot debate.


“…Dartmouth never had an official mascot. While the Indian symbol was ubiquitous for many years before it was dropped in 1974, it was never formally adopted by the college.”

Well, prominent display in the student newspaper and on team uniforms certainly is “ubiquitous.”

“The latest effort to identify a college mascot began to take shape during the spring when the Dartmouth Student Assembly polled the campus to gauge interest in the idea. More than 600 e-mail messages and 150 mascot suggestions later, the Student Assembly decided the project was a go.

Earlier this week an email message — a blitz in Dartmouth-speak — was sent to the entire student body asking for a vote on the 13 finalists as chosen by a student focus group. Balloting closes on Aug. 17, and it is expected the majority of students away for the summer will be online before then with a chance to have their voices heard.”

The rag probably should’ve elaborated on the student focus group and the true results of the initial e-mail poll.

2) Music Club to Get Mojo’s Working? –no link available

“Hanover — There’s been a rising chorus in the Upper Valley calling for more music venues, especially in this well-heeled college town.”