Two Lives: In a utterly inane Op-Ed in today’s Daily D, Andrew Hanauer relates the story of Robert Hudspeth, a convicted murderer turned suicide. After gaining our sympathy for this burglar and killer, Hanauer links Hudspeth’s demise to the tightening of parole rules in Texas. Basically, Hudspeth, a convicted murderer turned model prisoner, is denied commutation of his life sentence after twenty years. Despairing, he escapes from prison, and hangs himself. Hanauer then attempts to link former Texas Governor George W. Bush to this, as he was partially responsible to the change in parole policy. However, the most disturbing aspect of this drivel is Hanauer’s conclusion. “When the political ambitions of one man interfere with the human rights of another, then there is a huge problem.” Since when is it a convicted murderer’s “right” to be paroled? He should be happy that he wasn’t executed! Let’s keep this in perspective.