Tuesday Happenings:

“What matters to me and why” noon, Tucker–Professor and writer Ernest Hebert speaks.

“Artificial Intelligence” noon, Thornton Hall lounge–This week’s philosophy lunch.

“Kudos: Recognition and Motivation” 5:30 P.M., 212 Collis–A “Pillars” meeting. Topic: “Has your group had a great year, a great term? What better way to say thank you than a celebration for the membership! Not only will the group thank you, but it will keep the group going.”

“Lunchtime Gallery Talk” 12:30 P.M., Hood–Mark Reed, assistant professor of psychiatry and director of counseling, and Laura Rubinstein, “health educator,” discuss why people use psychedelic drugs.

“Academic Gala” 5:00 P.M., Commonground–The senior studio art majors exhibit, and several senior present their theses for the College president and community. Topics include: “A realistic novel about a young woman’s summer traveling alone through Scotland;” “the local geopolitics of WalMart development in northern Vermont;” “a theory on immigrant women’s shame;” and the always-entertaining “mechanical properties of articular cartilage as a biomaterial.”

“Dartmouth Sororities: A Look from Within” 7 P.M., Top of the Hop–Short speeches about sororities, on topics such as “body image and eating disorders to rape and abuse to being a minority woman and sisterhood at Dartmouth.”

“Men’s Dinner” 7 P.M., 218 Collis–Les Lawrence, Lebanon High School football coach, speaks about coaching boys.

“Omara Portuondo” 8 P.M., Spaulding Auditorium–The “Buena Vista Social Club” player performs ($5 Dartmouth students, $30 gen. admission).

“Questioning and Curious” 8:15 P.M., Sanborn Poetry Room–“safe, confidential student discussion about sexual orientation, gender identity, midterms, life, spring.” Safe?