You’re Not Paranoid If They Really Are Out to Get You

Chris Bateman ’05 posits that the Olin Foundation helped fund not just The Dartmouth Review and other conservative organizations but “essentially, the Robinson-Zywicki Trustee victory.”

It doesn’t get much better than this:

[A] movement like the Robinson-Zywicki petition campaign — cloaked in empty language of “Intellectual Diversity,” “Liberal Bias,” and ” of “Free Speech” — is in reality the culminating action of a massive operation focused on gaining power and wiping out most of the progressive gains this country has made in the 20th century?

According to Bateman, Daily Dartmouth editor Colin Barry ’06 “thought I was being a little tooo [sic] conspiratorial.” Barry was right.

Katie Gilbert ’05 adds that the Center for American Progress “suspects a large scale campaign” to elect conservatives to university boards. We should, she says, “be very afraid.”