Your favorite bitter ’04

Just blitzed:

>Date: 08 Dec 2002 02:20:56 EST

>From: Alexander D. Talcott

>Reply-To: alex.talcott

>Subject: Delete

>To: James E. Wright, James A. Larimore, Barry P. Scherr

Go ahead. Delete this. Wouldn’t be surprised if you had some automatic delete function for blitzes from students.

I enjoyed an evening with friends from the 2001 class tonight. We marveled at how unfortunate it is that the school has gotten worse and worse, year by year.

I recently participated in a journalism conference in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Collegiate Network ant the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. I met with several students from Brandeis University, where they are members of a “fan club” for their president, Jehuda Reinharz. It is no surprise that no such fan club exists for President Wright. You have outworn your welcome.

As a matter of fact, you all disgust me.

How dare you? How dare you? The College has had no positive press in years. Granted, the Zantop tragedy was not your fault. But the SLI, blowing the Zete incident out of proportion, canning the swim team…honestly, what’s next? Even the good press we may get is churned out by a bloated Office of Public Affairs (of which I’m an employee). If you need recommendations for cuts to be made there, I can help you out.

If anything, you have united a diverse student body against you. We stand united in opposition to you.

Why do you think all your donation offers are targeted? Nobody trusts you. What kind of disgusting modern piece of architectural crap are you going to build next?

The sad thing is, I’m actually in a good mood tonight. I spent time with old friends, chipped away at some end-of-term work, and wished my girlfriend good night and good luck before a final exam. Can you imagine the spite I feel on a bad day?

Don’t ever expect a dime. I offer a public apology to William and Kathryn Talcott (~’31 and ~’33?), my future children, who may be blacklisted for their father’s rants.

I’ve composed blitzes like this before at the end of long nights, only to delete them. Well, maybe like you, I’ve stopped caring. The send button is going to be clicked in a matter of seconds; your negative contributions to the College will last far longer.


Alex Talcott ’04