Young Dems Oppose Pipes Visit

The Young Democrats are getting all worked up about Daniel Pipes’ visit to campus this Thursday. Sally Newman ’05 sent around the following email this evening to stir up consciousness, awareness, indignance and the like:

Date: 25 Jan 2005 00:43:37 EST

From: Sally C. Newman

Reply-To: paradewithoutpermit

Subject: Re: Upcoming event!

Dear Young Dems,

Just thought you should have some background on the speaker that was just emailed about. This is serious stuff.

“All Muslims, unfortunately, are suspect,” he wrote in a recent book, though he added that only “10 to 15 percent” of Muslims are militant. If Muslims have jobs in the military, law enforcement or diplomacy, Pipes states in another column, “they need to be watched for connections to terrorism.” He also finds Muslim immigration problematic: “All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most.”

Two years ago Pipes launched Campus Watch, an organization whose stated purpose is to expose the analytical failures and political bias of the field of Middle Eastern studies. The group’s first act was to post McCarthy-style “dossiers” on the Internet singling out eight professors critical of American and Israeli policies. When more than a hundred scholars contacted Campus Watch to request that they be added to the list in a gesture of solidarity, Pipes obliged, labeling them “apologists for suicide bombings and militant Islam.”

Thursday’s lecture on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be held in 105 Dartmouth Hall at 4:15pm.