You say you want a revolution?

A communique intercepted from alumni high command:

Members of the Association of Alumni,

One of Dartmouth’s enduring strengths is that her alumni nominate half the trustees of the Dartmouth Board. When a seat becomes available, the Nominating Committee of the Alumni Council is charged by alumni leadership to present a slate.

The Dartmouth College Board of Trustees has announced that Nancy Jeton
’76 will complete her second term on the board in June 2007.
Consequently, the Alumni Council’s Nominating and Trustee Search Committee asks all alumni to participate in the nomination process and to submit the names of qualified candidates to fill this position on the board. From your recommendations, as well as a comprehensive search process, the committee will develop a slate of candidates, and balloting by all media (mail and Internet voting) will take place in the spring of 2007.

We encourage you to submit nominations in writing with as much substantiation as possible of the proposed individual’s qualifications.
Nominees must be Dartmouth alumni, and should have the background, knowledge, and experience to contribute with excellence to the governance and stewardship of the College. The deadline for nominations is October 31, 2006.

Please send your suggestions to me, either by mail or email, as follows:

Mail: Office of Alumni Relations, 6068 Blunt Alumni Center, Hanover, NH 03755.


Thank you for your participation.


Rick Routhier ’73 Tu ’76

Chair, Alumni Council Nominating and Trustee Search Committee

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