Yale Bans DKE for Five Years

Startling, but perhaps inevitable news for Yale’s chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Following a full hearing by Yale’s Executive Committee, the chapter has been prohibitied from participating in any sort of on-campus life for the next five years as punishment for their chanting of what the executive committee determined to be sexually abusive words in a pledging event this past October. Deke, as it is known on campus,  has a storied history dating to its founding at Yale and boasts membership including both President Bushes. Not even its illustrious past was enough to save it from the hammer of Yale’s administration, however. DKE’s pledges’ public chants of “No means yes; yes means anal” scandalized not only DKE, but Yale’s entire Greek system, and the administration was right in assessing their inappropriateness. Whether the behavior warrants five years of banishment is another question entirely.

Let us here at Dartmouth be thankful that no such behavior has occurred (publicly) in our Greek system. Given the tenuous position of Dartmouth’s Greeks with Parkhurst, one incident such as this could mean the demise of the whole system.


–Benjamin M. Riley