Worst person of the week

Mengchao Yu ’03

It was “Hawks and Doves,” not “Hawks, and Doves Go Bugger Off”!!

And why not have a party with a world affairs-related theme? Would that really be second-rate to “DJ, Kegs” for a party at an Ivy League school?

>Date: 29 Mar 2003 12:27:01 EST

>From: Mengchao Yu

>Reply-To: Mindy Yu

>Subject: Re: Change of Plans

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

To the brothers of Sigma Nu:

While the original party invite for the “Hawks and Doves” was in extremely poor taste, I am more disappointed and angry over the fact that Sig Nu has not chosen to publicly apologize and acknowledge the ramifications of their original theme. Your email was sent to a significant cross section of Dartmouth students, many of whom may be directly or indirectly impacted by the war. Sigma Nu as an organization has shown itself to be a pathetic coward by sliding the issue under the rug as a “change of plans.” Your organization’s inability to publicly acknowledge the real issue at hand simply shows that Sig Nu caved to undoubtedly much negative reaction to the original theme but does not actually care to address the main reason behind the change of theme in an HONEST MANNER. I am appalled at how Sig Nu insists on acting as if absolutely NOTHING happened and will continue to party tonight as if nothing has happened.

Congratulations on being the epitome of the “bubble” that characterizes Dartmouth in general. Sure, people should totally go on w/ their daily lives and socialize at this time, if only to forget and get away from the reality outside of Hanover. But ONLY on this campus would serious and tragic world events be turned into a cause for drunkenness and pong. Oh yes, more American GIs and Iraqis are dead! Let’s drink some more! And more importantly, only on this campus would such an egregious error be swept under the rug as a dismissive and seemingly innocuous “change of plans.” That is the truly offensive act.

Mindy Yu ’03