Worst Class Ever Enjoys Their First Homecoming

Homecoming has begun with a vengeance – kicked off by parties on Wednesday and Thursday night, the campus is looking forward to the bonfire, Freshman Sweep, the football game, and other (not administratively-sanctioned) traditions like several nights of less-inhibited-than-usual revelry and encouraging freshmen to rush the field.

Apparently, putting the worst class ever in its (deserved) place is officially frowned upon; some upperclassmen recently received the following blitz from those worried about the fragile self-esteem of the pea-greens:

Upperclass students frequently encourage first-year students to engage in unsafe behavior, often in the name of tradition. Please emphasize to upperclass students the risk of harming someone and ending the bonfire tradition if they encourage unsafe behavior. Examples of unsafe behavior that’s been encouraged by upperclass students:
• Touching the bonfire
• Climbing on the bonfire structure
• Consuming alcohol before or during the sweep/bonfire

Upperclass students have also engaged in inappropriate and unsafe behavior in the past, such as:
• Running the opposite direction as the crowd around the bonfire
• Trying to disrupt construction of the bonfire
• Touching or climbing the bonfire
• Yelling things such as “worst class ever” at first years
• Consuming alcohol or other drugs before/during the bonfire
• Knocking others down and even assaulting people
• Throwing objects or wiping things on those around the fire

Have fun at your first real Dartmouth weekend, ’11s, and welcome. I hope your tender feelings won’t be crushed by the big, bad upperclassmen.