We’ve got our new server. When the domain-name transfer actually takes place, there will be an outage of up to one day. Most likely, this will happen separately for dartreview.com, dartlog.net, and dartblogs.com (if it happens all at once…let’s not think about that).

Anyway, the upside is that things will be much faster on all TDR site and that it will be easier for us to add all sorts of neat stuff.

So, for anyone who cares, here is a page being served off of the new server…

Update: Dartlog is migrated (even if the name server hasn’t caught up with us yet). Dartreview will go over tomorrow or tonight (I want to make some technical changes before throwing the switch) and Dartblogs will go, um, eventually. Let me know if you see any problems. Yes, I know that Blitzlite is broken; it will be replaced with a faster version tonight, after Anna and I go out and get drunk.