Why was this surprising?

Today’s Daily Dartmouth reports: “Bush’s ratings, while dipping, still remain high, with a recent Gallup poll indicating that his approval ratings stand at 56 percent.” On campus, 22 percent of respondents view him favorably.

In the big stumper of the day they state: “Faculty and administrators tend to take even more negative views than do students. While 65 percent of students have an unfavorable view on Bush, only three of the 87 faculty members and administrators that responded hold a favorable impression of Bush.”

They took the ‘balanced institution’ stance in today’s issue, with English prof. Ivy Schweitzer quoted as saying: “the senior faculty tends to be more conservative in general, and as a group, than the younger faculty, and so fewer wield power. In that sense it is hard to say if conservatives are really a minority at Dartmouth”, she said. “I think we have a very open forum for faculty to speak, from all sides of the political spectrum….Is the general atmosphere here ‘liberal’? Yes, because we are a liberal arts institution, and liberal arts education is supposed to produce ‘liberal’ attitudes that encourage forward thinking ideas about inclusion, equality and innovation.”

Evidently all three of those that responded to the survey in the affirmative on GW must be ‘senior faculty’, and the split of 3 to 84 definitely illustrates that it is hard to say what political leaning (in general) this illustrates. Hmm, now on to

your well balanced dinner…

Note: Explore p.2 of the special “Left or Right” section of today’s D for a “photo spread” on Michael Ellis.