Who’s Really Old Fashioned Here?

The D spins the replacement of Kaelin Goulet ’07 with Elisa Donnelly ’07 as a matter of sectarian controversy:

“Riner began the meeting with a 30-minute, closed-door session during which the Assembly confirmed his choice of Elisa Donnelly ’07 to lead the Assembly’s student life committee. Donnelly, who is also a member of the Navigators Christian Fellowship, assumes the post Kaelin Goulet ’07 resigned last week as she called Riner’s invocation of Jesus an embarrassment to the Assembly.

“Goulet said that, by appointing Donnelly to fill her position, Riner wasted a chance to reach out to students who may have been offended by his speech.

“‘I think it’s unfortunate that at a moment of opportunity to send a message, he [Riner] perpetuated a state of homogeny amongst the body,’ Goulet said.”

Putting aside the fact that Donelly is the ONLY ’07 with experience on SA execs (which the article neglects to mention), is Goulet really suggesting that positions should screened a priori based upon religion affiliation? Riner has been accused of trying to take Dartmouth back to the days the Eleazar Wheelock, but it looks like Goulet would rather us return to the 17th century.