“Who’s My Baghdaddy?”

Check out that midriff!

Humor from former Review contributor Ben Oren ’00:

I’ve enclosed a sit-com pilot called “Who’s My Baghdaddy?” Basically, it’s about septuplets separated at birth and reunited sixty years later in a weird twist of fate (Let’s just say it involves a couple of MiGs and some burkas). Each has a different personality trait (sarcastic, neurotic, wears an eye-patch) which both annoys and endears them to one another. Additionally each week’s episode will find them in a wacky situation (delivering puppies from a pregnant dog, spending the rent money investing in a perpetual motion machine, war) in which they will work together to find a solution and teach an important moral lesson as well (community service is good, mustaches are cool, the U.S. is evil).

In his time, Mr. Oren was one of the Review‘s investigative hardhitters.