Who Is Geoffrey Berlin?

Berlin seems like someone we should know more about. As “John” learned from his “whois” search on ASD (see the first comment to my post below), the ACS website is registered in his name. Plus, as Mr. Ward notes, his association with the group runs deep.

He seems to run a business called Alums Online, Inc., which itself apparently grew out of Berlin’s association with the College. Interesting.

UPDATE Ah, I see that this Alums Online tidbit was mentioned in Mr. Ellis’ piece. Don’t know how I missed it the first time through. Oh well.

UPDATE In Mr. Ellis’ piece,

Nels Armstrong ’71, the College’s Director of Alumni Relations, said that he knew Berlin, and that he was “a wonderful entrepreneur,” but denies that he has ever done work for Alumni Relations.

On the Alums Online website, however, it says:

Alums Online grew from a successful initiative to develop online platforms for our 20th reunion at Dartmouth College.”

(Berlin is a member of the class of ’82.) Indeed, this seems to be the sort of thing they’ve done for other classes, too.

It seems very doubtful indeed that he wasn’t working for (or with) Alumni Relations when he was developing platforms for a reunion. It’s possible, but it seems unlikely. Did he contribute his work for free?

Why this evasiveness?