Who is Brian Kennedy?

The new Director of the Hood Museum of Art. Read the basics at the Daily D. [link.]

But what has he done, and what sort of art has he acquired? Cursory research yielded some visuals.

Exhibitions brought to the National Gallery of Australia: [link.], [link.], and [link.]

Art he acquired for the NGA: [link.] [link.] [link.] (scroll to ‘David Hockney’) and [link.]

The illuminated manuscripts looked particularly interesting. Also, to my knowledge, he has not acquired any hirsute cold cuts or stools wrapped in tarps– or, if he has, it hasn’t been publicized.

Furthermore, he has been criticized by the ‘World Socialist Web Site’ for canceling an exhibition called “Sensation.”

In Australia, NGA director Brian Kennedy effectively solidarised himself with Giuliani on November 27 when he issued a brief press release announcing that the gallery had cancelled Sensation. The statement declared: “As a publicly funded institution, the Gallery will not proceed with a show which has been the centre of a furore in New York over issues which have obscured discussion of the artistic merit of the work of art.”

This extraordinary act of self-censorship establishes the NGA as the defender of artistic and cultural conservatism and prevents ordinary Australian residents from viewing an exhibition that has attracted hundreds of thousands of people in London, Berlin and New York.

Self-censorship? Cultural conservatism? Also known as ‘making judgments’ and ‘being sensible,’ you world socialists you. Ha! A sample of socialist art: [link.]

But what was this “Sensation” that both Giuliani and Kennedy saw fit to criticize? It was none other than The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili. That is, that one with the elephant dung on the Virgin Mary. Yep, that was a good one.

Dr. Kennedy– so far, so good.