‘Where exactly is the beef?’

“Presently ALL the trustees (except President Wright and the Governor of NH) are alumni,” Thomas Luxon argues in the comments, adding that “the trustees expect that the 10 additional trustee positions will be filled by alums.” “Where exactly is the beef?” he wonders.

The debate over the composition of the Board is not about whether trustees happen to be graduates of the College. Instead, the debate centers around how many of those on the Board are chosen by all the alumni.

It cannot be assumed that a Board composed entirely of graduates necessarily represents the alumni body’s vision for Dartmouth. In fact, that the alumni have elected reform-minded trustees four times running suggests that the alumni do not believe the current Board adequately represents their vision.

An all-alumni Board is hardly certain in any case, since the recommendation holds only that that “alumni status should be an important criterion for serving as a Trustee [emphasis added].”