What’s Up with White People?

With an audience seemingly large enough to warrant multiple fire safety violations, Professor Matt Wray commenced his presentation: “What’s Up with White People: A Field Guide for the Perplexed,” on February 2nd. This is not the first time Wray, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, has presented his work on the study of “whiteness.” Wray discussed two main concepts that have apparently become the “core problem in the post-civil rights era.” In his view, white privilege and colorblindness affect how “being white means different things to different white people.” Wray went even further, to what he calls his contribution to the field of the study of “whiteness” by shifting the factors mentioned above into political orientation and boundary orientation (how white people think about race). These two variables allow the formation of 4 different types of white people. While it is interesting that Wray realizes that socio-economic factors influence what it means to be ‘white,’ his theory on the four types of white people attracts well-warranted criticism. The four types are colorblind liberals (“identifiers”), colorblind conservatives (“deniers”), race-conscious liberals (“resisters”), and race-conscious conservatives (“resenters”). In a derogatory fashion, both types under conservative for political orientation are apparently antagonistic to progressive racial policies. As if ridiculously parodying his own ideology, he described the ‘icon’ of colorblind conservatives as ‘neocons’ and the icon of race-conscious conservatives as ‘rednecks.’ Unsurprisingly, his 2×2 chart categorizing white people ignores the diversity of thought and opinion among both liberals and conservatives in the United States. Wray doubled down on his description of the race-conscious conservatives and showed a picture of Richard Spencer as a key figure in the supposed movement. The fact that Spencer is not taken seriously, except by a very small yet vocal minority, was not mentioned.

Wray brought up an interesting observation on colorblind liberals, the so-called identifiers. He mentions how supposed ‘liberals’ try to act sympathetic to racial minorities but end up causing more harm than good. However, Wray completely missed the point when he declared the race-conscious liberals, the so-called resisters, as the model for future progress. He claimed that most ‘resisters’ voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, even as Sanders openly disregarded the plight of poor white people through comments like “when you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto.” Wray also made the bold and objectionable claim that “if you’re a white person, your cultural bank account is empty,” which received a positive reception from the audience. Nearly every group regardless of their identity has historically contributed to American culture. To say that whites have no culture is simply ignorant and bordering on racist. Wray asked a lot of interesting questions on race in America but ended up answering none. He contributed more to the dumpster fire that is identity politics, which continues to devolve into unintentional self-parody. We at The Review highly doubt that presentations titled “What’s Up with Black People,” “What’s Up with Asian People,” and “What’s Up with Hispanic People,” would receive similar acclaim. In fact, we are inclined to believe those presentations would be met with vitriolic outrage from many groups on campus.

  • wildmonk

    Non whites are privileged to live in white majority countries because whites build the more desirable societies.

    Whites are funding and celebrating themselves being outbred and replaced by non whites.

    Only whites are smart enough to pretend diversity is a strength to avoid being called a racist.

  • http://dailyandreaostrov.blogspot.com/ Andrea Daley

    What’s up with white people? People rely on media, academia, and entertainment for meaning. And all those are controlled by Jewish globalists who seek to neuter white people into compliant cucks.

    Once white people swallowed the ‘white guilt’ premise, Jews and non-whites could use that trope to paralyze white pride.

    • matt10023

      And this comment is why people associate conservative papers with unsavory ideas and people. Ms. Daly, in cased you missed it, Jewish people also get libeled by the left. It would seem that antisemitism is appealing to extemism on both sides of the political spectrum.

    • Uncle Dave

      Crap Andrea… What should I do? I’m a life-long conservative from conservative parents in Colorado (far from NY, NJ, Penn, etc), NRA Life member and firearms instructor, and I’m white… and Jewish… I am so confused…!
      P.S. I do NOT own a bank or investment firm.

      • http://dailyandreaostrov.blogspot.com/ Andrea Daley

        No one is talking about All Jews. We love Jews who are patriotic and not anti-white. We are talking of Jewish Globalist Power.

        It’s like when we say ‘Japan attacked Pearl Harbor’, we don’t mean EVERY Japanese supported the attack. There were good Japanese who opposed the war.

  • Gaspipe Casso

    Democrats are all in on being the anti-white party.

  • Pamela

    Geesch,white people, all you have to do is start taking these Racists to court.

    White people have the same EQUAL RIGHTS as people of color in U.S. When an Anti-White Racist mentions your skin color and applies it negatively, you have the right to SUE.

    White Americans are winning lawsuits. Do it.

    The Racist myth “white privilege” is racial profiling all whites as being born with something just because your white. SUE.

    These private colleges have lots of money to take. Start taking it.