What’s up at EKT?

Wired Magazine just gushes in this feature article about how wireless networking and BlitzMail have made Dartmouth one of the most tech-savvy (and tech-transparent) places around. Several excerpts:

The sisters of Epsilon Kappa Theta are definitely up to something. The wireless cards in the sorority house’s computers each move an average of 222 Mbytes of data per day � only one other spot on campus, an administrative building, moves more than 150 Mbytes a day per card. An MP3 server, perhaps? Maybe they’re watching streamed video on a big-screen TV � or using high-bandwidth Internet radio to supply the music for all-night parties. They could be trying to corner the market on Diesel jeans via sorority eshopping excursions, or running a molecular modeling program for a pharmaceutical company. We may never know for sure. Since the college has a strict policy against monitoring student computer use unless investigating complaints, university officials couldn’t tell me what’s going on. The sisters of EKT did not respond to my prying emails. So for now, their secret remains safe.

And, the one that everyone will be quoting:

What looming exam could hope to compete with the following hormone-fueled, technology-enabled midterm BlitzMail exchange, forwarded by Dartmouth senior Zachary Berke?

Male student: i’m so fucking exhausted from all this studying … aaaaaah.

Female student: all this studying makes me wanna fuck … aaaaah ; ) … want a little study break? ; )

Arresting stuff.

Indeed. (Thanks to Ben patch for the link)