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Subject: Swimming and diving

Dear Affiliated Group Officers:

The college has made a decision in reference to the swimming and diving

teams. The following letter is from Stan Colla, Vice Presidetnt of Alumni


Thank you,



I am writing to advise you that Dartmouth has reached a decision to


its men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs as full intercollegiate

varsity sports.

In November, Josie Harper, Director of Athletics, and Jim Larimore, Dean of

the College, announced that swimming and diving would be dropped in order

for the Athletics Department to meet its required goal within the overall

Dean of the College budget cuts for next year. This was not a cut that

anyone wanted to make, but in the face of the economic realities facing the

College, Josie recommended a “vertical cut” in order to preserve and

strengthen the rest of the intercollegiate program. It was a tough

decision, but it was also one that the Dean and the President supported.

As you know, members of the swimming and diving teams, their parents, and

interested alumni/ae subsequently voiced their concerns and asked to have

the opportunity to see if they could develop a proposal that would respond

to Dartmouth’s needs and allow the swimming and diving programs to


Such a proposal was developed over the holidays and accepted by the College

this week. The essence of that proposal will be described in a press

release that should be available tomorrow morning on Dartmouth’s home page.

Because we are liable to see this story in some of our local newspapers

tomorrow, I wanted to share this announcement with you today.

This is a moment to celebrate the strength and responsiveness of the

Dartmouth family. Please be good enough to share this important news with

your volunteer leadership as soon as you can.

Thank you.