What is acceptable speech?

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Dartmouth, Prof. Ronald Edsforth, who started a campus debate on free speech with his protest outside a forum on prisoner interrogations, makes the valid point that the College needs to decide which events it should sponsor.

…Dartmouth should not foot the bill for such discussions. That there should be some minimal moral standards governing what kinds of public advocacy Dartmouth College supports with its programming funds does not seem to me to be a radical suggestion.

Actually, stifling a debate about American foreign and defense policies because a handful of notorious campus pacifists object does seem to be a very radical suggestion. Even if the College is under no legal obligation to uphold the right to free speech, it smacks of the worst sort of politically-correct censorship not to fund discussions about current events, especially controversial ones such as this. Besides, entirely silencing legitimate voices because some are upset with the very existence of the debate is no way to educate members of a free society.