Wednesday News Update

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Charlie Wheelan wants his $25 back from United Airlines for losing his baggage. Good luck with that, Professor, but your first mistake was flying on United with their legendary baggage handling skills.
  • Professor Blanchflower’s as busy as ever. His crystal ball predicts that another European bailout package to ward off the Acropolis Apocalypse is “inevitable.” In addition, the new governing coalition in Britain will “Snap by the End of the Year.”
  • Tuck recently did a study that found that peer-to-peer networking is a “treasure trove” of leaked health care information.
  • Ms. Vanessa Seivers ’10 will get around to that job she was elected to. Eventually.
  • There’s “gutsy” and then there’s “faking your way into Harvard.” The last is best illustrated by one Adam Wheeler, who came this close to graduating from that lesser institution of higher education. He faked his SAT, transferred into Harvard claiming to be a transfer with a straight A average from MIT (in actuality having just been dismissed from Bowdoin for academic dishonesty) and was only caught because he applied for Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships and a professor noticed some pretty blatant plagiarizing. This guy is the Aleksey Vayner of Cambridge.