Wayne Barrett, a Voice for Transparency

Wayne Barrett, a longstanding staple of NYC journalism, announced today his departure from the Village Voice, where he has been writing for the paper’s “Runnin’ Scared” column since 1978.

Having worked as a research assistant for Wayne, I can’t speak more highly of the man who waged vendettas against some of New York’s biggest players: Ed Koch, Donald Trump, and of course Rudy Giuliani among countless others. Say what you will about the Voice and about Wayne’s personal politics, conservatives and liberals alike would do well to take a lesson from his fierce dedication to truth and transparency in government.

Wayne’s investigations, often scathing and always unapologetically revealing, expressed his unwavering dedication to bringing truth into the limelight, regardless of whose toes he was stepping on.

Read Wayne’s final post here. He mentions that he plans to continue writing, albeit he’s not sure in what form. Here’s to looking forward to whatever that may be.

Adam I.W. Schwartzman