Way to Patch up America?

In part one of a series (though I’m doubting that part 2 will materialize) Adam White of the Daily Dartmouth offers advice for learning how to live with your politically opposite neighbor. ie A wily Republican.

A brief excerpt:

Your friend is one of them. He or she is taking a ride on the G.O.P. train. You’ve devoted a lot of thought to this friend, and you’ve realized that you have only two choices: 1. Somehow learn to live with the friend. 2. Shoot the friend.

It’s obvious what you have to do. You decide to shoot the friend. But then you remember that you’re completely against guns because you watched most of Bowling for Columbine and were appalled by Charlton Heston’s limp. You’re left with only one option. Learn to live with the friend.

Read it all here (if you so choose).