Way to go

I happened upon this in the May 24 National Journal. Congrats are in order.

Media People

The Washington Monthly is getting a new editor to succeed

Joshua Green, who wrote the recent scoop with Newsweek’s Jonathan

Alter about virtue guru Bill Bennett’s gambling habits. Green

will soon move to The Atlantic Monthly to be a senior editor. Joining

Nicholas Confessore on The Washington Monthly’s editorial

team will be 24-year-old Benjamin Wallace-Wells, who has spent

the past two and a half years on the suburban staff of The

Philadelphia Inquirer. Wallace-Wells, who grew up in the

Bronx, got his introduction to The Monthly as a youngster, after

his policy-wonk father and education-expert mother subscribed.

At Dartmouth College, he found his calling as editor of The

Dartmouth Review. He interned at The Boston Globe before

moving to Philly. It was the sense of being where the action was

that excited Wallace-Wells, he said. “The privilege of access was

something I really responded to,” he said, as well as “the

ability to shape the ways in which we try to understand the