Voting is underway

To members of the Dartmouth Association of Alumni:

Dartmouth’s Alumni Trustee election is now under way. Continuing our practice of the last four years, you have the opportunity to vote via the Internet.

The deadline for submitting your ballot for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees is April 22, 11:59 p.m. It is important that the voice of ALL Alumni be heard in this election (every vote does count!).

To vote electronically go to the Dartmouth alumni relations web site:, and find the link that will allow you to vote on-line.

Once you have reviewed the ballot material, log in using your Unique ID Number and Security Number (this is a randomly generated number — not your social security number) provided below.

Your Unique ID Number is: XXXXXXX
Your Security Number is: XXXXXX

Please contact the Alumni Relations Office if you have any questions regarding the election process ( If you encounter problems voting online, please email or call the help desk (603) 646-2258.

I urge you to take the time to add your voice to the future of Dartmouth and submit your vote.


John Walters ’62
President, Association of Alumni