Visiting the Love March

After an illuminating interview with the Sun God (MALS student Johnathan James Recor), the masked presence that continues to believe the world (our campus in particular) is a stage for the dramatic reinterpretation of his own life, TDR reporter Brendon Mahoney ’12 and I ventured to the much vaunted Love March at 6:30 on the Green, armed with the rather grainy photo capabilities of an iPhone.

We found about 20 people gathered around a table in the middle of the Green. The Sun God was busy mugging for the various cameras and chatting with babes (read: MALS students). About 8 students had been given red Superman capes, one of whom was also wearing his own set of rollerblades. Two S&S officers were standing by, but they seemed unsure as to why.

We got a few comments from the gathered students. One who was outfitted in the complimentary Superman cape and fake Ray Ban sunglasses told us he was “there for love, man. And you can quote me on that”. Done and done, you beautiful human being.

The highlight for me was when two young ladies announced that today is the Sun God’s birthday (HA! I told you they’d show up to my party, Father!) and encouraged our rather meager crowd to sing to him. Being the prepared Sun God that he is, Recor had his own applause track in the personal PA strapped to his belt, which he played while doing a few congratulatory karate moves.

Anyone who has any particular in this man’s quest to combat the “War on Love” can check out my interview in our latest issue, soon to be online and distributed on campus. Johnathan, thank you for your time and energies. If this story has taught me anything it’s that even the most biting sarcasm will leave you unscathed and blissfully unaware.

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